I want every cast to be easy & work properly. Sometimes you only get one cast

Michael Mcamis
Handmade in Sacramento, CA 🇺🇸


SacPig Bait Co. came to life through the passion and inventiveness of its founder, Michael Mcamis, a committed fisherman on a journey to enhance the angling experience. While experimenting with various baits at a nearby lake, he realized the immense value of using unique and customized lures. His artistic and exceptional creations piqued the interest of fellow fishing enthusiasts, including Ivan Wong of Bass Love Rats. Bound by their common love for bass fishing, Mcamis and Wong joined forces to develop an extraordinary rat lure, fittingly named the Mischief. Motivated by the buzz within the angling community, Mcamis founded SacPig Bait Co., a company dedicated to providing anglers with inventive, tailor-made lures and accessories.