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A review by Jason Carol

I am an enthusiast of the KVD Mustad hooks, but I am also learning as I speak with people that you do need to fish them differently. They are extremely sharp and thin and will easily tear the mouths of the fish if you are setting into them. During my product testing, I found that opening the holes the hook points go through is the most common way to lose that fish brining it in. The difference is so drastic that I went from never carrying pliers to always needing them in my pocket. When you are on braid to leader, just reel set into the fish enough to load your rod completely. Your drag should be set a few clicks higher than it takes to fully load your rod. Doing these 2 things has made such a huge impact fishing these hooks that I wanted to share what I’ve experienced.

The #1 way to fish topwater is braid to mono leader. 20 for lighter baits, 30 for larger baits if you are bank fishing around extreme cover. My 2nd suggestion is straight mono, again with the 20-30lb line. Last but least, straight braid.. This will lead to issues casting and getting the hooks caught up, I do not suggest this at all for MY RATS. Rod - Something very parabolic

The 1pc, when on a straight retrieve, makes a cadence that you will grow to feel and understand what your rat is doing. When you are reeling and you know and are comfortable feeling the cadance, you can actually feel the thumping get interrupted by fish either following it or missing it completely underwater. You will feel it in the hand that turns your reel handle rather than in the rod.

The waking 2 piece can be cranked down, burned at the surface or just barely sub-surface. Adjusting your rod height up will allow for a much faster reel speed at the surface. Holding your rod mid level is the most comfortable way to fish them and get that nice rocking motion in the butt on a slow retrieve. Rod tip down, will allow it to dive at much lower speeds.

Every bait can be walked and walked VERY easy. I've been told and also feel that they just do anything you want with very light touches. Instead of a normal 1/4 Reel Crank, you can get away with a 1/6th reel crank to impart a walking action if you don't want to pop your rod. This is true for both the 1pc and 2pc.

The 1pc is the only truly silent wakebait offered by the vendor. The sound of the 1pc is the sound of the bait cutting through the water, rather than relying on body noise or hardware. Even if another bait is designed to be silent, the hardware connections (split ring and hook) will still clack on a retrieve while the Mischief 1pc will be much quieter...

Introduce an irresistible noise attraction to your fishing game with Booty Shakers by SacPig Bait Co. These unique add-ons feature a built-in rattle that mimics the sound of live bait, drawing fish in from a distance. With a multitude of applications including being a tail alternative, Booty Shakers provide a versatile and effective way to entice fish to strike. Each package contains 1 piece.

The Shaker was born from a need to have something besides a tail. In some bodies of water, the fish were ripping off all the tails and missing the hooks at a frequency that I was uncomfortable with. Started using a Yozuri Knuckle ball, then I designed my own 4 chamber shaker for my rats! I never looked back and I prefer using the Booty Shaker over the tail when I fish.

Booty Shaker swap